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It also became a popular place to stay for backpackers. Interestingly, as the essays in this collection chronicle, the backpacker’s putative desire to distance oneself from the nation-state has had, perhaps, paradoxical effects.

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The label ‘backpacker‘ has developed as a reference to the (stereo-)typical underground hip hop fan. The crystallisation of the backpacker persona is connected to the large proportion of students (carrying book bags) who make up underground hip hop scenes. And budget guides for backpackers suggest visiting the hotel, rather than actually staying in it. The characteristics of the backpacker persona most likely emerged from more ghettocentric hip hop circles. This critique is frequently alleged in comparison to underground hip hop’s progressive politics, which the closed-mindedness that gets attributed to backpackers is thought to betray. The project included a detention centre, a vegetable market, a cinema and a backpacker hostel. In addition to the accessory through which the label gets its name, one of the mainstays of the backpacker persona is the constant wearing of headphones. For many hip hoppers, the label ‘backpacker‘ is a pejorative term which implies the presence of a certain degree of underground elitism. The backpacker is concerned with getting the cheapest possible flight and will put up with awkward schedules and dates to gain that advantage. The needs of a business traveller, a tourist or holidaymaker or, indeed, a backpacker are quite different. Yes, there are the backpackers, but, no, there are not the spenders; the hotel users; the purveyors of souvenirs from the cottage industries throughout our country. I should make it clear that we welcome backpackers from all countries, but we do not think it necessary to entice them with the offer of income support. Some versions are marketed to hikers and backpackers not wishing to carry a heavy, metal percolator or a filter using drip brew. From


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a statement at the beginning of a piece of writing, before the start of a film, etc., warning people that they may find the content very upsetting, especially if they have experienced something similar

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