Ok, I’m not a backpacker…yet. I love the vast, natural beauty this country has to offer, but have until now chosen to get to it by car or motorcycle, occasionally setting out on day hikes. My son prefers to see the country by hiking in. He made this statement to me the other day: “I just prefer to see things that no one else, or very few people, have ever seen.” Okay, he peaked my interest. I have taken thousands of photos around America from the same vantage point of millions of other people. I’m gonna do it differently now, and BACKPACKER was a great choice to help me learn about doing that. The awesome destinations displayed by photography, maps, and commentary are relevant and interesting, and the product guides and informational articles are helpful whether you’re a novice like me or an experienced hiker. The magazine is worth the few dollars it costs for the photos alone! I had a small software glitch accessing my first issue, but within hours of my email Anthony responded to me, then he worked with the app developer to correct my problem and get me up and running. Well worth the wait, and these guys obviously love their product! I don’t get the reviews I’ve read that slam this app! I’ve never seen a perfect computer app, so as long as the people behind the app care, it’ll work. THANKS ANTHONY!


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